Discovering new knowledge and handling that has always been my passion.

Detecting patterns in chaos, and capable of working in chaos even without structuring it.

Very connected - with beings and nature.

20 Years of Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management: Practical Examples

Knowledge management: projects, tools and techniques

Knowledge Management

This book is a must have for every knowledge practitioner. It summarizes the lessons learned of 20 years of knowledge management.
Available in Dutch and English.

How to handle a knowledge management track? What are the tools and techniques? What are the guidelines to take into account for knowledge management projects specific?

Some practical cases on knowledge Management.


Telling the story of how beautiful nature is on

A White Raven

Looking for more White Ravens, and people and companies looking for one or more white ravens!

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Upaya Vihara

Opening our house and hearts providing what you need at the time to move forward. That can be anything, meditations, walks, sleeping, crying, warmth, nothing, ... We want to provide respite for those who need it or just take a breather for others.

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Services - Acting Ethically

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Beauty of Nature

Stories and Poetry